Queensland Industrial Relations Commission

Australian Leisure & Hospitality Group Pty Ltd v Simon Blackwood (Workers' Compensation Regulator) & Campbell [2014] QIRC 105 (WC/2014/13) Deputy President O'Connor 13 June 2014

Full-text: QIRC14-105.pdf


WORKERS' COMPENSATION - "INJURY" - MEANING OF - WHETHER AROSE OUT OF, OR IN THE COURSE OF, EMPLOYMENT - WHETHER EMPLOYMENT A SIGNIFICANT CONTRIBUTING FACTOR - Where appellant was an employer aggrieved by a decision of the Regulator - Where the second respondent was a person claiming an entitlement to compensation as a dependant of the deceased worker - Where the deceased worker died as a result of injuries sustained when she dived into shallow water whilst in attendance at what was described as a "staff social event"/"Christmas party" - Whether the deceased worker was induced or encouraged to attend at the place where the injury occurred - Whether the injury was "referable to the place" - Whether the injury was suffered whilst the deceased worker was engaged in an activity in which she was induced or encouraged to engage