Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal

Bielefeld v The Commissioner of State Revenue [2015] QCAT 222 (GAR277-14) Acting Senior Member Hughes 15 June 2015

Full-text: QCAT15-222.pdf


GENERAL ADMINISTRATIVE REVIEW - FIRST HOME OWNER GRANT ––– whether ‘eligible transaction’ - whether ‘home’ – where applicant contracted for builder to undertake building work - where builder used relocated house - where applicant did not buy house ‘fixed to land’ – whether ‘new home’ – whether home ‘previously occupied or sold as a place of residence’ - where building could not have been ‘lawfully used as place of residence’ and was not a ‘suitable building for use as place of residence’ - where substantial change to building – whether ‘substantially renovated’ home – whether ‘contract for the purchase of the home’ requires acquiring a ‘relevant interest in land’ to determine ‘substantially renovated’ – where no express words to that effect – whether ‘comprehensive home building contract’ – where building contract from deposit to completion