Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal

Dental Board of Australia v O'Brien [2014] QCAT 690 (OCR144-12) Judge Alexander Horneman-Wren SC, Deputy President 4 November 2014

Full-text: QCAT14-690.pdf


PROFESSIONS AND TRADES HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS DENTISTS DISCIPLINARY PROCEEDINGS where the respondent admitted to behaving in a way that constitutes unsatisfactory professional conduct where the respondent made an undertaking to permanently retire from practice whether it is appropriate to order the respondent is to refrain from reapplying for registration in Australia where the applicant seeks an indication from the Tribunal as to the disciplinary action that would have been taken had the respondent been registered at the hearing of the disciplinary proceedings whether such an indication is appropriate

Pharmacy Board of Australia v Tavakol [2014] QCAT 112