Court of Appeal

Robb v Tunio [2014] QCA 127 (13/10888) Muir JA and Martin and Jackson JJ 30 May 2014

Full-text: QCA14-127.pdf


APPEAL AND NEW TRIAL APPEAL GENERAL PRINCIPLES RIGHT OF APPEAL NATURE OF RIGHT where an appeal was made from a decision of the Appeal Tribunal of the Queensland Civil and Administrative Trial where the applicant claimed $8,000 from the respondent as money lent where the grounds of proposed appeal and reasons for justifying an extension of time for leave to appeal were that the applicant alleged he had proven that the statements made in the defence by the respondent were false where the applicant further alleged that the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal had failed to refer to these alleged falsehoods in their written judgment whether the grounds alleged by the applicant constitute an appeal only on a question of law

Uniform Civil Procedure Rules considered

Rule 748 - Time for appealing