• The Modern Use of Legal History


    The Modern Use of Legal History

    The first of the 2014 Selden Society Lectures will provide background to later lectures, by examining the origins of legal reference materials in the common law.

  • Queensland Legal Yearbook 2013

    New Publication

    Queensland Legal Yearbook 2013

    The Queensland Legal Yearbook is now in its ninth year. From modest origins, the Yearbook has developed steadily into the most significant publication produced by the Supreme Court of Queensland Library each year.

  • Preventive Justice and the Rule of Law


    Preventive Justice and the Rule of Law

    Preventing crime is, as Blackstone observed, preferable to punishing crime. Yet many preventive measures are no less instrusive, no less liberty-restricting, than many punishments.

  • Exhibition

    Path to Abolition: A History of Execution in Queensland

    This exhibition examines the history of execution in Queensland, from the first execution in 1830 at Moreton Bay Penal Settlement to the execution of Ernest Austin in 1913 at the Boggo Road Gaol.

  • Assisting you in practice


    Assisting you in practice

    With advanced searching capabilities, easy navigation, and suite of statistics not available elsewhere, the Queensland Sentencing Information Service is an essential tool for practicing criminal lawyers.